2002 Domaine de Bellivière Jasnières “Calligramme”

Posted on: November 18th, 2004 by

*Burgundy Diaries will continue, but this is too good not to mention!*

I guess you could call this the poor man’s Savenieres (well, no, because it was far from cheap), but wow! Another great example of how much the Loire and Chenin Blanc kicks ass! Bought this at Pike and Western in Seattle (thanks Jen!). Full of RACY acidity and steely minerality; things that all new world whites are devoid of. It is totally dry, but has a lovely hint (teeny, elegant hint) of sweetness. Tart green apple, a bit of sumptuous pear and probably would develop lovely richness (like caramel) on the finish. Like a reverse caramel apple.

I am loving this now and would love it even more after a few (5-10? More?) years of bottle-aging. Go into your local wine shop and ask for a Jasnières and watch them either look at you blankly or reward you handsomely for your wine savvy.

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