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Bugey Bugey Bugey!!!

There is nothing in the history of the world more refreshing than Bugey. A low alcohol sparkler made from Gamay, pink in color, it is a joy to drink. It is ever-so-slightly sweet. To paraphrase Terry Theise: Sweetness is not a crime! The Bugey has plenty of acidity so it finishes clean, but yes, damnit, [More]

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…And That’s One To Grow On

Customer: “How much would the wine that Jesus made cost?” Me: “Uh, I think it would be priceless.”

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2001 Maculan Brentino: Who Knew?

I bought a few of these a couple years ago and stashed them away. A Cab/Merlot blend from the Veneto that is about 15 bucks retail. I cracked one open tonight and it was incredible. After about an hour of air, tasting blind with my nerdy wine group, the consensus was Bordeaux. But no! I [More]

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Pino & Toi Props

And this guy was intruiged by my praise for the 2004 Maculan Pino & Toi! Click on the title of this post! Most interesting…to me!

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Hooray For France!

Wow, click on the title of this link to find a Frenchy blog that links to me! Sparkling Vouvray!

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Lambrusco Label Decrees: From Start to Finish, No Better Food Wine!

I hear and I obey. Yes, Master Lambrusco: An exuberant wine that can accompany the entire meal from appetizers of cold meat to first and main courses of white and red meat. So true! I was actually thinking how nice it would be with a steak! Or a hunk of P-R. Or cold cuts.Cali Cab [More]

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Thanksgiving Wine Roundup!

From what I can remember. Dinner at friends apartment, about a dozen people, mostly food/wine industry people. L-P Ultra Brut. Zero dosage, super racy. Corked! Fuck! This was the second corked champers. I had been dreaming about a glass (ok, a bottle all to myself) of this all fucking day at work. I sucked down [More]

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Thanksgiving Wine: One Long French Word

Passetoutgrain 2/3 Gamay, 1/3 Pinot Noir. I recommend 2004 Robert Chevillon. Need a white? Anything Austrian.

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