2004 Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone

Posted on: February 28th, 2006 by

The 2003 Saint Cosme CDR was the best Syrah (and probably the best red wine) I have drank under 15 bucks retail. It’s 100% Syrah. I drank one about 6 months after drinking my last 2003 and it was so incredible, showing me so many different things. And if you have a pizza with mushrooms and some finely ground olives and sausage, you will be in heaven.

So it was with some anticipation I drank the 2004 Saint Cosme CDR. I bought two bottles; a reliable source told me it was equal to the 2003. Well, the first bottle was a little disappointing; good, not great. But the second one, holy shit!!! An incredible expression of Syrah, rich and elegant. The texture of this wine seems unmatched. Beautiful fruit and balance, a truly stunning wine and THE BEST WINE DEAL EVER!!!

So I am going to buy six, squirrel them away and enjoy one every few months. I should actually buy six cases, but I am poor. If you have the means, buy this wine at twice the amount you think you should. Seriously.

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  1. caveman says:

    I love his Gigondas , Valbelle.. A bit stinky but worth the outlay.

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