2012 Raisins Gaulois: Just Add an Ice Bucket

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Gamay Vines at LapierreWhat, red wine in the summer? From the rosé freak? Yes, when it’s the 2012 Raisins Gaulois. Created in Beaujolais at the legendary Domaine Marcel Lapierre, it’s a light and lively red wine that is a perfect partner for an ice bucket. I’m not saying cool it down to arctic temperatures, but with a nice chill you’ll find this a worthy outdoor companion.

Technically, the 2012 Raisins Gaulois is not a Beaujolais. It’s classified as a “Vin de France” because of the youthful age of the vines. It’s definitely not from the old gnarly ones pictured, but I couldn’t resist including a photo of these stoic, somewhat haunting, Gamay vines. (I had the pleasure/honor of visiting Beaujolais thanks to a trip sponsored by Wines of France.)

You can read the full story on Foodista. I also give a shout-out to Lapierre’s Morgon; which is something to consider for your cellar if you are a fan of elegant reds like Pinot Noir. Now, I know Gamay (the grape of Beaujolais) is not Pinot Noir. But considering prices for collectable, age-worthy Pinot Noir, I’d stock up on Beaujolais from the top sites, which are called the “Crus”. And Morgon is one of the best of them.


No, this is not a clip-on bow tie. How dare you!

So what’s a great food pairing with the 2012 Raisins Gaulois? I’d say cured meats. Especially those that come wrapped up in this paper from an indoor market in Villefranche-sur-Saône. Who can resist a charcuterie-peddling pig in a bow tie? And if anthropomorphized swine is not your thing,  vegetarians and vegans, rejoice! For this cool Gamay would be delightful with an assortment of grilled vegetables.

So now that you’re over the shock of me equating summer with something besides rosé, get ready for more earth-shattering revelations. Well, maybe that a little too sensationalistic. How about mild surprises regarding wine? Yeah, not as exciting.

[More adventures in Beaujolais, including apron-modeling.]

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