2015 Matthiasson Rosé and a Praying Mantis

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2015 Matthiasson RoséWas very stoked to get my shipment of the 2015 Matthiasson Rosé. Thought about saying something like “Pink Wine Season Begins” but that would be kind of ridiculous because it’s a wine for 365 days (well 366 days) a year. And this rosé from California is one of my favorites.

Though my penchant is for French pink wine, the Matthiasson scratches all my (pleasurable) itches. Let’s take a closer look.

2015 Matthiasson Rosé

First glance peeking at the bottle and back label: low in alcohol (11.6%) and pale. Though high alcohol and deep color can signify bold flavor, don’t be fooled by the appearances of this rosé. (Do be charmed by the label, which I love. Can you say #LabelLust?) There are plenty of interesting fruit, citrus, and other savory flavors swirling amidst this gently-hued wine.

The rosé is a blend of 36% Syrah, 31% Grenache, 29% Mourvedre, and 4% Counoise.

Another thing I like about the Matthiasson is I was able to buy a few magnums. One of the best ways to impress at a party is to arrive cradling 1.5 liters of this or any other wine.

BTW, it was perfect on a 43 degree day at a Malaysian restaurant in Flushing, NY.

Oh, I do not know the story of the large origami praying mantis behind my left shoulder. Yet.


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  1. John Nuechterlein says:

    I’m guessing you meant 36% Syrah?

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