25 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Wine

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The Instagram 25 Best in WineAre you a fan of Instagram and wine? Get ready to be happy. Over on Grape Collective, I helped select 25 accounts for you to follow if you love wine. Check out the list:

Top 25 Wine Instagrams

What I’d like to say about those selected is that when you peruse these Instagram accounts, you’re not just going to see an endless parade of wine label shots. The camera gets pulled back so you can view what’s happening beyond the bottle. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s serious, and sometimes it might even be a little provocative.

Since we’re on the subject of Instagram, I would like to share some of my photos posted on this app from a recent sponsored media trip to Sicily. I was there to attend Sicilia en Primeur on Vulcano Island, with a few days prior spend traveling around Western Sicily. Enjoy! And please follow me on Instagram.

Morning view from Realis Baglio Donna Franca in Marsala:

Morning in #Sicily. #latergram

Vineyards of Cantine Rallo, Alcamo region. Hey, wait for me, I’m Instagramming!

Wait for me! #Sicily

Prohibition-era Marsala bottle at Cantine Florio. Note the “Hospital Size” designation, approval by the U.S. Treasury Dept., and the dosage.

Prohibition-era #Marsala bottle. A hospital-size, take two doses of this tonic per day. #Sicily

Marsala from 1939, also at Florio. Tasted some and it was fresh as a daisy; you’d never expect it to be 70+ years-old.

Drinking #Marsala from 1939. #latergram #Sicily #Florio

Sunset, Baja Negra, on Vulcano Island, one of the Aeolian Islands:

Sunset. #Sicily

It’s called Vulcano Island for a reason, folks.


Don’t just look in the volcano. Look around; so much to see from these heights.

More #volcano. #picstitch

Want more Sicily? I took a slow boat to Mozia, another island off the coast of Sicily, which was not too far from where I was at the beginning of this trip. The top photo in the Mozia post is one of my favorites. If you are a fan of sea salt, you must check it out!

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