Posted on: April 27th, 2004 by

I drank a Soave recently, which most people remember as something coming out of a big glass jug. Well, the real thing is great. Inexpensive, great summer wine. I had Pra Soave Classico. It had a wonderful tingle on the finish, like some lemony acidity.

Then I broke down and bought a Merlot from Washington State; Merlot bores me, but I wanted to check it out and buy something besides European White Wine. Besides, it was a brand, Nelms Road, from Woodward Canyon, who make some pretty epic cabs. It was 18 bucks and all I can say is that for 18 bucks I can think of a dozen red wines I’d rather drink. But part of working with wine and learning about wine is to drink a wide-variety of things, although I would happily drink nothing but White Burgundy and Champagne.

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