Posted on: April 23rd, 2004 by

Tonight I am going to a rooftop party, on a highrise. Should have nice views of the lake and downtown. Someone is cooking jerk chicken and making peanut butter punch. The later sounds gross.

I am bringing a Prager Riesling and my favorite 6 dollar wine. The 03 Colombelle. It is a dry white wine from Gascogny. The grapes are ugni blanc and colombard. It is a dry white wine that has this amazing aroma and taste of peaches. It is the ultimate summer wine! And it has a screw cap! Do not be afraid. I don’t know about screw caps on wines you want to cellar for many many years…time will tell if the screwcap will ruin your ageworthy wines. But for young wines meant to drink ASAP, they are cool.

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