Posted on: April 23rd, 2004 by

Hi everybody! Welcome. I want to talk about Austrian white wines. I have recently drank a 96 Gruner Veltliner and a couple Rieslings from (Weingut) Prager. They are incredible! I thought the Chenin Blanc from Joly in the Loire were the greatest, most complex white wines in the world until I had the GV. It has to be open for about an hour before you can drink it, otherwise the acidity overwhelms everything…and this is an 8 year old bottle! After it breathes, it tastes like a reverse caramel apple: crisp green apple acidity, then an almost caramel-like richness. Wow! The rielsings are incredibly complex as well…drier than German rieslings. The cheapest Pragers are great, and if you throw down a bit more, even better. I think they would be awesome food wines…seafood to pork. The GV would be great with green veggies like asparagus. I want to take it to the Green Zebra, this new almost all-veggie joint that opened up from the producers of such fine restaurants as Spring.

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