A California Chenin Blanc That’s a Rare Creature

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forlorn hope story

I really dig these Forlorn Hope wines from California. All the ones I’ve had have been satisfyingly weird thrill-seekers. The latest I consumed (with pleasure) is no exception.

2012 Forlorn Hope Story

This is a California Chenin Blanc from a vineyard called…wait for it…Story. It’s located in Amador County, which is way east of Napa and practically in Yosemite. This Forlorn Hope wine could also be from outer space. (Unconfirmed.)

A scant twenty five (!) cases were made so this is most definitely Another (Very) Rare Creature from Winemaker Matthew Rorick. It’s got (well, HAD as the bottle’s in the recycling bin) a lovely golden color. And some texture that makes it almost savory. Like consuming a wine that manifests itself in a guise beyond known liquid forms. (Hmm…maybe it is extraterrestrial?)

The Story is really good with roasted walnuts you break out of the shell. The visceral experience of working the nutcracker (ahem) seems apropos for a wine that works on you. Also, as this Chenin warms up nutty notes emerge. It’s a circular loop between food and wine reminiscent of the mysterious ways of Saturn’s rings.



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