An American Wine Tragedy

Posted on: May 8th, 2004 by

I was saving a bottle of 96 Helena View Cabernet for a special occasion. I have been tempted to pop it open in a drunken stupor, but managed to hold back.

Until last night.

I opened this bottle of Helena View. Only 100 cases made. Autographed by the wine maker with a comment, “Enjoy in the right company.” Which I took to mean me, myself, and I.

It had a ton of sediment and needed to be stood up for at least a day to have all the sediment left at the bottom. I was pouring it from container to container to try and isolate the sediment and ended up spilling 1/3 of it. Jesus!

I drank about 1/2 glass worth and left the rest in the decanter. I am drinking it now, the next day, and it is quite fine. It is very fine.

Here is the lesson learned: Always have inexpensive bottles of wine around so you aren’t tempted to open something special because there is nothing else around.

I will give a shout out to Helena View. The 95 Estate Tradition is incredible and available for purchase on their web site. Google them and buy a bottle.

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