Antique French Corkscrew with Mother-of-Pearl Handle, Circa 1900

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antique french corkscrew
Certainly not easy to use, but this antique French corkscrew is so lovely.

I was visiting Veramonte in Casablanca (Chile), while on a press trip sponsored by Wines of Chile, and waiting for the winemaker when I encountered an impressive and eclectic collection of corkscrews. This beauty with the mother-of-pearl handle stood out.

If you get a chance to meet Winemaker Rodrigo Soto, he’s one fascinating and passionate guy. Having worked at ultra-organic Benziger in California, he brings a natural approach to grape farming. As he explained, the mindset in Chile used to be very industrial. Land was abused. Rodrigo’s vision for the land at Veramonte is clear: “We need to start healing it.

antique french corkscrew

Turning to the wines, I recommend trying the 2011 Ritual Sauvignon Blanc. A riper style with more weight, it’s a nice change of pace from ultra-zesty Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, but still retains a fresh and lively personality.

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