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Posted on: January 22nd, 2006 by

I haven’t really drank any great Red Burgundy in a while. I’ve only been exposed to a lot of boozy, fruit-bomb California and Oregon Pinot Noir.

Tonight I opened up a 1997 Grivot Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Boudots. Wow. What a beautiful wine. So elegant and persistent. It had a great smoky nose and pure, lovely fruit. And it still hasn’t hit its peak! The wine lingered in my mouth forever; I think I finally lost the taste in my mouth about an hour after my last sip.

The best part is that I paid $13 bucks for this wine! The worst part is that I could only get two and I just finished the last one.

I’m going to focus again on acquiring and drinking great red Burgundy, the best Pinot Noir in the world. Grivot is my hero.

“My obsession in my work is to preserve the harmony and fruit of the wines.” Etienne Grivot.

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  1. Håvard says:

    Burgundy is indeed king! But oh so expensive.. I have not tried any wines from Grivot, he is not represented here in Norway. Yet. I do like the wines of Arnoux, Barthod, Mugnier, Roumier and Pavelot, though. Your escapades at Nicholas Potel was great reading! You lucky guy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel compelled to defend my home-turf. Oregon makes a number of less bombish bottlings. Give Daedalus Labrynth a shot. David Hill’s P. No. isn’t usually over-extracted. Beran (hard to find) tends to be oaky, but not over-fruity.

    — Mithrandir

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