Best Can Feixes Story Ever!

Posted on: July 14th, 2005 by

So a woman comes into the wine shop and needs a couple of cases for her BBQ. She is concerned because there are some people coming that have more wine knowledge than her (or so they say). So I immediately show her some cool wines under 10 bucks a bottle:

2003 Domaine Astruc Viognier
2003 Delas Cotes du Ventoux

…and for good measure:

2004 Domaine Sorin Rose
2004 Forrester’s Petit Chenin Blanc

She is stoked! And then when I am ringing up this wine, I say she needs one more bottle, the Can Feixes. She says OK and I tell her how incredible it is, it is the best white wine in the world under 15 bucks. Lively, lingering, etc….Incredible with shrimp, or, as I said, anything that swims.

So she buys it and says, “Monday my husband and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary, and we will eat shrimp and drink this wine.”

WOW!!! I got all misty. Seriously. What an incredible compliment to the Can Feixes, from someone who has yet to taste it. (She’ll love it.)

And I wish I had invited myself to her BBQ to pour wines and answer all the questions from her guests. And watch the accolades come in to the hostess, who got all these kick-ass wines that no one has ever had. And they are French!!! They now are loving France. (And some petite love for South Africa!)

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  1. That is the most touching Can Feixes story I have ever read.

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