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domaine minotiere cider

I know Sunday’s a few days off but I’m already thinking about brunch. Why? Because of this cider from Domaine de la Minotière in Normandy. (Or rather, cidre.) It was part of a small cache of French cider sent to me as samples by Winesellers, Ltd. (Thanks!)

Domaine de la Minotière Cidre Fermier Bio Doux

What makes it brunch-tastic? Cider is underrated as a beverage to pair with a wide variety of foods. I’m especially keen on sampling the Domaine de la Minotière with numerous hot sauce-accented savory items. Also, it’s fruit juice: a brunch staple. Well, wine is fruit juice. But how often do you drink a glass of juice made from pressed wine grapes? Apple juice, on the other hand? Much more likely.

jameson fink alta utah

Thank you, Santa!

Also, this cider is only 3% alcohol. Why, that’s even lower than the 3.2% beer I drank (WITH PLEASURE) while a ski bum at the Rustler Lodge in Alta, UT. So pour generously during your late morning through early afternoon weekend routine.

Bonus: The Domaine de la Minotière is certified organic. Double Bonus: For those who want to crush sessionable beers but have an aversion to wheat, rejoice in this gluten-free, day-drinking compatible beverage. (All cider is gluten-free, BTW.)

Frankly, I’m surprised that it says “Doux” (as in “sweet”) on the label  because the Domaine de la Minotière drinks quite dry. Makes me think about childhood bike rides to get cider donuts from the Long Grove (IL) Apple Haus. I don’t recall them being too sweet. They pressed the cider right there in the house–er, haus–and you could watch the action. Sadly, the Haus is now closed. And so, too, a chapter of my childhood memories.

I knew this would happen. I’d have to Google “Long Grove Apple Haus” and let the sad waves of nostalgia wash over me.

But, wait, this is not a sad post! This is about rejoicing over a new cider discovery! Make some new adult memories to replace the ones that used to reside in the haus of your mind.

long grove apple haus

Bless this haus.

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