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It’s almost New Year’s Eve, the one time of year when everybody is looking to drink sparkling wine and Champagne. I would like to stress that you should be drinking bubbles year-round; these are some of the best and most pleasurable wines, period.

Here are my picks:

Under 10 bucks:

Veuve de Vernay Brut and Rosé

Under 15 bucks:

Montsarra Cava
Domaine de Martinolles
Blanquette de Limoux Le Berceau
Graham Beck Brut

Under 20 bucks:

Lucien Albrecht Cremant Blanc de Blancs and Rosé

Under 40 bucks:

Henriot Brut Souverain

Under 100 bucks:

Laurent-Perrier Brut 1997
Alfred Gratien Brut 1997
Nicolas Feuillatte 225

The wine for the last two is aged in large oak casks. If you like Krug, these come close at half the price. The Gratien is especially delicious.

4 Responses

  1. Joanna says:

    I’m especially fond of Bollinger, Jacquesson and Billecart-Salmon. What’s your opinion on them?

  2. Jameson says:

    I am not familiar with Jacquesson. I used to really like the B-S Rose, but it is way overpriced now. Bollinger has a very rich style that I am not a fan of, but I am going to try the Special Cuvee next week with an open mind.

    That is my palate; I like crisp, bone-dry, racy Champagne.

  3. KMC says:

    We pounded a couple bottles of Bugey Cerdon before we hit the real bubbles… yum.

  4. Jameson says:

    Forgot about the Bugey. I can drink gallons of it. As a matter of fact, I have.

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