Bugey Bugey Bugey!!!

Posted on: December 16th, 2006 by

There is nothing in the history of the world more refreshing than Bugey. A low alcohol sparkler made from Gamay, pink in color, it is a joy to drink. It is ever-so-slightly sweet. To paraphrase Terry Theise: Sweetness is not a crime! The Bugey has plenty of acidity so it finishes clean, but yes, damnit, there is a touch of sweetness there. It would slay with cured meats and salty cheeses, especially outside, under an umbrella, on a warm summer day.

I could drink gallons of it!

3 Responses

  1. Pink champagne… like OH MUH GAWD!!  That is so totally tubular!  Gag me with a spoon!!!

    I feel like watching a marathon of the OC and then maybe trying out for cheerleading.

  2. Jameson says:

    Dude, you are so out of line! I love pink wine! Try some! (Some that is not white zinfandel.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Full metal lunchbox… with all due respect, Jameson is right on the mark here. I honestly cannot name one person (of maybe 50 that I witnessed trying this stuff) that didn’t have their mind TOTALLY BLOWN by this. It was a sad day when it ran out and I never heard the end of it. To this date (a year later) people still come to my house and ravage through my cupboards thinking that I stashed a bottle. I did – I’m just not telling where.

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