Campuget Keg!!!

Posted on: June 27th, 2005 by

I have to get one of these. Here’s the text from the site:

The 10 litre bag-in-box is the ideal packaging for wine in small quantities. Restaurant owners can use them to sell wine by glass or by pitcher.
It allows a better conservation of the wine. It can be kept for a few months when it is full, thanks to its anti-oxydation system. Storage can thus be achieved with the wine keeping its qualities from the first to the last glass. The use of the bag-in-box packaging is easy, clean and practical.

The Campuget keg
For a valorized commercial use of your Bag-in-Box, we advise you to use it inside the Campuget keg. Placed on top of a counter or table in your establishment, this keg in chestnut wood can increase the sale of wine by glass or pitcher.

The label placed over the tap personalizes your wine which can therefore take advantage of the prestige of the Campuget wine estate.

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