Cellar Tracker Updated

Posted on: March 19th, 2006 by

OK, I have updated my list on Cellar Tracker; I have 47 bottles! Look out Robert Parker! You can peep my collection on Cellar Tracker; my user name is sparkling vouvray.

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  1. My handle is electrojosh.  My collection is small now because I am rebuilding it from years of neglect.  If I earn enough overtime pay this summer I plan on making some big purchases when I get my own apartment.

    Your collection looks terrific–everything I’d expect.  Good to see you keep a few bottles of the Can Feixes around.

  2. Håvard says:

    Hmm.. I thought there would have been more Loire wines. Are you into sweet chenins as well? They’ll keep in cellar till you’ve got grand children.

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