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Posted on: March 18th, 2006 by

Have you seen this? I have been nerding it up on this site since this morning; you can find and click on all the wines you have in your cellar, and you get an estimated value of your cellar! I’m up to about 700 bucks, but don’t get any ideas about my 1996 Dal Forno Romano; it’s locked up tighter than Fort Knox, baby!

I’ll be doing an inventory of my wine tomorrow and will then post the list.

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2 Responses

  1. kmc says:

    Sorry, the Dal Forno is mine. I am on my way to your apartment now and we have many guns.

  2. SinZinner says:

    Have you tried WineFetch (http://www.winefetch.com) I think CellarTracker is good when it comes to the community, but WineFetch has features that leave CT in the dust – such as Wine Alerts or Cheese pairings. It also combines a wine search engine – they almost have a one stop shop for wine.

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