Posted on: May 28th, 2004 by

Well, the Colombelle is not half Ugni Blanc and half Chardonnay. Did I say that earlier? I was overcome by my enthusiasm. It’s half Ugni and half Colombard. Do’h!

I was prompted to make this post by trying a Colombelle twin.

2003 Domaine du Tariquet

It’s also from Gascogny, like the Colombelle. It is a vin du pays des cotes de gascogne. And I should have capitalized a bunch of them there words. The only difference between it (yes! same price! 6 bones!) is that it has a cork (a synthetic one, but let’s not split hairs) and it has a more old-school label. The Colombelle, with its screw cap, lavender top, and modern fonts, is sooo 21st century. If you are worried about serving such a wine, one that doesn’t require a corkscrew, well… that’s crap thinking.

So buy this wine instead. It has a bit more acidity, which is very nice, and it’s a citrusy acidity, like a lemon or lime. The zest.

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