Dabble Does San Diego: Eat and Explore With Me

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Do you think there’s a smile behind that copy of “The Manly Art of Knitting”?

What a thrill to be on assignment for Dabble Magazine in San Diego. I can’t believe I had never been before! And when it came time to leave I was ready to stay…FOREVER. And, yes, what they say about the weather is true.

It was also a wonderful trip because of my new pal, Photographer Angela Auclair. She took all the photos and was a lot of fun to run (semi-)wild with all up, down, and around San Diego. Please peruse her website:

Angela Auclair Photography

Here’s the entire issue:

(Jump to my San Diego feature if you like.)

The photo at the top was taken in the wonderful shop Progress, located in a super-cool and historic building in the South Park neighborhood. Yes, you can buy a copy of The Manly Art of Knitting there. (Or get it shipped.) To paraphrase how they describe the place, it’s a small shop with gifts, home goods, and furniture. Concerning the latter, lots of options that can be personalized, too. “Furniture isn’t a commodity to us, it’s the making of a home in which good people, like yourself, build relationships and make memories, relax, and get inspired,” explains the shop’s website. And speaking of The Manly Art of Knitting, it makes sense that you’d find it at Progress. Why? “Our gifts are curated because they either make us laugh, or touch our hearts.”

And if you’re at Progress and are thirsty for some wine, my buddy Aaron Epstein of Le Metro Wine recommends you stop by The Rose, a wine bar and bottle shop.

More San Diego: EAT | SEE AND SHOP

Also thanks to Executive Editor/Art Director Victoria Drainville and Editor-in-Chief Kimberley Seldon of Dabble Magazine. When do we get to have fish tacos and Champagne together?

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