Discover The Wines of France’s Bergerac Region

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Château Michel de Montaigne Bergerac

France. When you think about its wine regions that start with “B”, surely Burgundy and Bordeaux first come to mind. But let’s talk about a lesser-known place that deserves your attention: Bergerac.

So where is Bergerac? It’s just east of Bordeaux. Here’s a (wine) map of Southwestern France, courtesy of Wine Folly:

Original Source: The Wines of South West France by Wine Folly

My buddy Clive Pursehouse of the Northwest Wine Anthem recently returned from a trip exploring this region. He even got to tour Bergerac by bicycle, pedaling along the Tour de France route shortly after it passed through the area. It’s a place well-known for gastronomy (think foie gras, truffles) but the word needs to get out about the wines. That’s why I had Clive on the podcast to talk about his trip. (He’s also been on before; hear what he had to say about Southern Oregon wines.)

So explore the wines of Bergerac: white, red, and (especially) the sweet wines. I can vouch for the excellence of the latter, as I enjoyed a bottle of 1990 Monbazillac (a part of Bergerac famous for sweet wines) with heavenly cheese gougeres. Listen to Wine Without Worry:

Image of Chateau Michel de Montaigne via Bergerac Wines.

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7 Responses

  1. Jeff Kralik says:

    A couple of years ago we rented a house in Sarlat (just to the east of the Bergerac wine region) and absolutely loved it–the Dordogne has a lot to offer including some fabulous wines (Pécharmant, Montbazillac, Bergerac–some nice wines from all the regions).

  2. Daniel Bowers says:

    Begerac is great, underappreciated wine region. The inwmakers are such nice, down-to-earth people, and they really get farm-to-table dining – all the way down to the wine!

  3. Mary Carroll says:

    We are an Irish family with a home Bergerac on the west side in the heart of the rosette appellation. Yes,the Bergerac wines are wonderful,under appreciated et worth discovering. The Montravel whites are the very best with Daniel Hecquet of Chateau Puy Servain et Chateau Calabre making great wines as also The Feelys at Chateau Feely,Pierre Sadoux at Chateau Court Les Muts et Michel Monbouché at Chateau Ladesvignes. On mange super bien dans la région!!!!!

  4. Lucie says:

    And you? Have you ever been at château Michel de Montaigne ?

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