Drinking Wine in Las Vegas: What’s Hot in the Heat

Posted on: July 14th, 2014 by

What wines are people drinking in Las Vegas? I turn to Head Sommelier of Michael Mina Bellagio, Cole Sisson, who stopped by my Wine Without Worry podcast to inform me of what’s hot in the world of fermented grapes. Some of the questions we tackle:

  • Coming from Seattle, what was it like that first night on the job, stepping out onto the floor of a fine dining destination in Las Vegas?
  • What do guests think of Washington wines; are they a tough sell?
  • When will Riesling rise to heights unseen as the ultimate white wine?
  • What’s it like to see a whole foie gras brought to customers and carved tableside?
  • OK, what if you are actually outside in Vegas, what do you drink to combat the heat?

Find out on this episode:

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More with Cole on Grape Collective, including thoughts on pairing wine with meatless dishes.

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