Fer Servadou For Certain: A Unique Red Wine Grape

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Jeez, I’ve been on a roll with the obscure grapes, huh? If you liked hearing about Romorantin (who doesn’t?!?) but were hoping to discover something in a red also from France, get ready to be excited. As part of the Happy Dance Wine Club (real name) I received a bottle of 2012 Domaine Plageoles Braucol from the little-known Gaillac region. I went to the website of the importer, Jenny & Francois Selections, to learn more.The Grape? It’s Fer Servadou. (Known locally in Gaillac as Bracoul, which you’ll see on the label.) Also, where is the winery? It’s here:

What’s it like? Well the note that came with my wine club shipment said this:

“Think of it as a rustic cousin to Syrah It possesses earthy spice, woody floral tones, with a graceful texture. It is almost reminiscent of that fresh fragrance of crisp fall leaves”

I had to admit I was a little nervous when I read “rustic”. Would it be overly funky? Would I have to feign feelings for Fer? Face frowns from fellow Fer fanatics? (Fernatics?) I need a Fernet!

Tasting Fer Servadou

domaine plageoles braucol

Fortunately, the Domaine Plageoles ($19, BTW) dashed all my fears by delivering waves of deliciousness. I was really impressed with this very drinkable red. Not light and shrill, nor heavy and ponderous, it had a Goldilocks-esque just-rightness to it. Did the Domain Plageoles have a touch of earthiness, some non-fruity flavors? Yes. But more along the lines of sitting on a forest floor, casually leaning back against a tree rather than spastically rolling around in barnyard mud. The wine just got better the longer it was open, too.

forest floor

The Full Fer Servadou Experience

So go forth and try a new grape, however strange and unfamiliar the name might be. Brave Braucol! Find Fer Servadou! Don’t worry, Cabernet* will still be there when you get back.

*I’m actually thinking about Cabernet Franc. Aren’t you curious about a wine called “Drunken Nights”?

“Green Living Room” photo via Denis Collette.

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