Finding Your Flavor: A Zippy Talk With Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly

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Jameson FinkWhat are a couple great wines to enjoy while sitting at a picnic table in the late afternoon sun? I have a couple picks for you. But first, where am I? I’m relaxing outside in the backyard of a Seattle neighborhood home, getting ready to record an episode of my Wine Without Worry podcast with Madeline Puckette of the wildly popular site, Wine Folly. In fact, it’s Wine Folly Worldwide Headquarters that you’re looking at. Madeline was nice enough to give me a guest pass for the day.

This folly-fueled chat is my first episode recorded en plein air, thanks to the wonderful gadget that is the H4N. So what do Madeline and I discuss? It’s a conversation that focuses on learning about wines by finding the style of wine you like and exploring the offerings within that category. I highly recommend perusing Complete Wine Selector by Katherine Cole for a fiercely fresh take on the subject. Buy the book! To get your feet (palate) wet, check out the Wine Folly post detaling Nine Major Wine Styles. And I chime in on the show with some good picks from each category, like Zesty White Wines.

Bellwether Wine CellarsSpeaking of zesty, I took this opportunity to bring over a few samples sent to me by Bellwether Wine Cellars in New York’s Finger Lakes region. Madeline and I poured a 2013 Pinot Noir Rosé and a 2012 Sawmill Creek Vineyard Riesling to fuel our time together. Both came in very elegant, slender bottles which in some way were a harbinger for what was inside. Very delicate and delicious wines, low in alcohol, and perfect for a picnic table. (Sidebar About The Riesling: Yes, there is a touch of sweetness. But it’s light and refreshing. Very lime-y, with plenty of tart, citrus ZIP.)

Madline Puckette Wine Folly

“Hooray! I’m a guest on Wine Without Worry. Time to dance.” –Madeline

Check out the show! It’s full of idyllic bird chirping sounds. But then it takes a sinister turn, regarding a nearby crow seemingly up to no good. And, possibly aware s/he is being talked about, decides to swoop right over us in a most confrontational and menacing manner. (My interpretation of events.) Crows are really intelligent, though. Maybe this one had something to say about the topic at hand? “Caw, caw!”

Oh, and when is Madeline going to design a wine label? I ask, she answers. Let’s get those offers coming!

Tune in: Finding Your Flavor With Wine Folly

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