For This Mimosa Recipe, Step Aside OJ

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mimosa recipeWhile contemplating the selection of juices from Juicebox at my local farmers market, I will admit to thinking about a mimosa recipe or two. See, I have nothing against orange juice. I love it, and drink it every morning. But Juicebox’s offbeat offerings had me wondering what would work with sparkling wine. So with a blend of freshly squeezed watermelon, key lime, and carrot, I threw caution to the wind, got a bottle of Cava (Spain’s signature sparkling wine, made in a region not too far from Barcelona) and went to work.The bottle of Cava I picked up at my local grocery store without rhyme or reason. Well, it was one I never tried before, and (frankly) both the label and price caught my eye. Hey, even I occasionally choose wine in a most haphazard manner.

Sometimes the situation dictates this course of action, and a roll of the dice leads to a cool discovery. Or something you’d rather never speak of again. And I’m not just thinking of the Cava I took a flier on, but also combining it with this unique combination of juices. Sunday afternoon enjoyment was hanging in the balance!

mimosa recipe

First I had to try both juice and Cava separately. I loved the combination of refreshing watermelon, bright lime, and the sweet (and slightly earthy) carrot flavors. It was a juice that was also less dense than OJ, which I thought wouldn’t overwhelm the texture of the sparkling wine. And the Cava was (thankfully) a pleasant surprise. Fresh and lively; fine bubbles for a hot summer day. Cheers to the Conde de Subirats Cava! Gotta agree with Stephen Tanzer’s review: “Very grown-up and surprisingly stern for the price.” (I’m guessing stern as in “firm, uncompromising” rather than “grim or forbidding in apsect.”)

Together, the juice and Cava were a distinct and delightful combination. For my mimosa recipe I filled my flute 1/3rd full with juice and topped the rest with Cava, giving me a beverage with a delightful color and plenty of bubbles. I knew the watermelon and lime would be a slam-dunk but was surprised the carrot didn’t make things a little…weird. Instead it was just slightly unusual at first, but grew more charming with each sip.

mimosa recipeSo what unusual juice combinations have you tried in your mimosas? Highly recommend this one, especially if you have your own juicer or access to the ace juicing team of Juicebox. I must warn you that there was some out-of-control foaming to deal with. Pour slowly and with caution; your patience will be rewarded. And, after all, it’s Sunday. Relax.


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3 Responses

  1. denise says:

    Brilliant. I like orange juice, but yes, why not use other types of juices? Especially now with so many fresh produce handy. Would love to blend different melons together and maybe steep some fresh basil and mint before straining out the pulpy bits to use for mimosas. Will let you know if I attempt this — we have so much mint growing in our yard!

    • Jameson says:

      Thanks, Denise.

      Please let me know when you are making mimosas; happy to be a guinea pig! Melon mimosas with fresh herbs sound fantastic.



  2. Lilian says:

    Every time I read Cava I think of kava, a traditional beverage of the Pacific Islands.

    Although not made with citrus juice I do love a Bellini!

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