Four Geeky Wines For Your Drinking Pleasure

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santorini assyrtikoI’m a geek in real life and it certainly spills over to my love of wine. And there’s nothing more I enjoy than sharing this passion with others, especially fellow geeks. Which is why I was geeked to be able to hang out at Bottlehouse with Mónica Guzmán of GeekWire along with CEO and Founder of CellarTracker, the world’s largest collection of wine reviews and tasting notes, Eric LeVine.

I loved Mónica’s take on the wines, especially when she explained how each has geek cred, even getting some tech terms in the mix. After I explained how Santorini’s astonishing Assyrtiko vines are tended to survive the harsh climate, Mónica opined, “If this wine could code, I bet you’d want it on debug duty.” Read the whole thing:

Drink geek: Four wines to please the geek palate

So what other wines were on our geeky agenda? There was a white wine from Sicily:

occhipinti sicily

A big one-liter bottle of Austrian Zweigelt:

brundlmayer zweigelt

And a fantastic Beaujolais, from one of the top sites, or “Crus”:


What wines make you feel all geeky?

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