German Riesling…Stunning

Posted on: March 2nd, 2005 by

Don’t be Sarr-y, get the Van Volxem. Posted by Hello

Although J.J Christoffel Erben is a great producer, the real start of yesterday’s Rielsing shoot-out was the Van Volxem. This was one of the most impressive white wines I have drank in a long time. Crazy, shimmering acidity, followed by a hint of sweetness, then more acidity. Delicate fruits/apple blossoms. This wine could age for a long time, and would be incredible with pork and baked apples. YUM!!! Usually German rieslings are pretty low in alcohol (like 8-9%), but this one was 11.5. Between the booze and acidity, boy this could be stashed in your cellar for years but is a real treat right now. Heavenly.

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  1. jilli says:

    I love that this picture has a Pagliacci menu under the two bottles of wine. It makes me muse that you are eating some of the only dececent (and that’s a stretch) sausage pizza in Seattle, doused in Sri Racha, and sipping on Reisling to cool your jets. Nice.

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