Getting to Know California Chardonnay With Its First Family: Wente Vineyards

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The Wine Without Worry podcast is back! And I’m excited to announce the show’s sponsor, Wente Vineyards. As a way to welcome them to the program, I welcome Carolyn Wente as a guest. She’s not only the CEO but also a fourth generation winegrower. And since The Wentes are known as California’s First Family of Chardonnay, who better to speak with about America’s most popular white wine grape?

If you think California Chardonnay is devoid of variety, Carolyn is here to broaden your perspective. Some of questions we tackle on the show:

  • What’s happening on Chardonnay Day, coming up on May 22th?
  • What is the Wente clone? What is a clone? What does it have to do with wine? (Note: It’s science, not something out of science fiction.)
  • Why did her grandfather, while tasting grapes in the vineyard, tie ribbons around certain vines?
  • You’ve heard of Napa and Sonoma, but where is the Livermore Valley, Wente’s HQ?
  • How many Chardonnays does Wente Vineyards make and how are they distinct?
  • For the Chardonnay-phobic, what is Carolyn’s advice on how to get them back in the fold?
  • Hard to talk about wine without discussing food as well. What are some of Carolyn’s favorite pairings with Chardonnay?
  • How is drought in California affecting the vineyards and what steps is Wente taking to conserve water?
  • There’s much more than just Chardonnay happening at Wente. What other grapes will you encounter?
For more Wente Vineyards, you can keep up with what’s happening their world on Facebook and Twitter.
And without further ado, here’s the show:
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