Great Wines for Under $15!!!

Posted on: February 12th, 2005 by

On a little binge last night I,uh, “tasted” a couple of extraordinary wines, especially for the price. The first was my beloved Chablis (2002) made by Gerard Tremblay at Domaine Des Iles. Reviewing my last post on the Drouhin 2003 Chablis, this blows it away. Better producer, better year, and no oak. This had the great minerality and shivering acidity that make Chablis great. It got better the longer it was open; I would love to hang on to a bottle for a couple more years and see where it goes.

I then *tasted* something completely new for me: a Cabernet Franc from Italy. WOW!!! I drunkenly scrawled some notes while I was drooling over it:

–bacony/smoky nose
–tart berry taste, becoming more concentrated and lush, like a liqueur (or almost a sorbet)
–purity of fruit, concentrated fruit
–after being open for a while, the bacon/smoked aromas blow off
–mouthfilling, jammy, powerful
–not cloying or boozy

and finally:

A very impressive wine. Sexy.

2002 Aia Vecchia Lagone

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