Greek Terracotta Art and The History of Wine

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Attic Terracotta Column-Krater

If you are interested in the history of wine from not just the past two hundred years but over two thousand years ago, there are a series of videos on YouTube by Emily Kate worth checking out. I recently interviewed her to get to know more about the ancient objects and artifacts that she finds most fascinating:

Is there an artistic image you feel is particularly illustrative of the the history of wine?

As a New Yorker, I am often at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I love to look at the Amphorae and Krater collection. There is one in particular that I find significant: An Attic Terracotta Column-Krater from 550 B.C. These were used for mixing wine and water for the Symposium (ancient parties for drinking and debates). This one is important because it features wine, women and song which were ever-present at the ancient parties but were previously missing from decoration on artifacts.

Read the rest of the interview on Grape Collective.

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