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I am continually amazed by South African wines. They are pretty boozy (this one is 14.5% alcohol) but are somehow light on their feet. They don’t have that goopy, glycerin quality of Australian reds; Aussie wines seem like a wine milkshake. This Warwick Three Cape Ladies is pretty special. It’s blend of Cab, Pinotage, and Merlot. Pinotage is a kind of tough-love grape; there are few 100% Pinotages that are more than a curiosity. But the earthy, bacony, eucalyptus-y, carmenere/Chilean aspects of Pinotage make it great for blending. The Warwick TCL is an extremely well-balanced wine. There is enough acidity to keep the alcohol unobtrusive. It’s a great food wine; I’d love it with any kind of grilled beef or lamb.

The point I’m try to make: South Africa is kicking Australia’s ass.

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  1. there are few 100% Pinotages that are more than a curiosity

    Whooaa there!! Your opinion is your own, but how many Pinotages have you had? Have you drunk L’Avenir, Steytler, Kanonkop, La Cave, Rijks, Morkel, Hidden Valley, Grangehurst, Backsberg, Beyerskloof, etc etc etc?

  2. Jameson says:

    Yes, my opinion is my own. Feel free to send me bottles if you wish to enlighten me!

    I have had the Fairview and Indaba and liked them.

    Thank you for reading and I’m checking out your sight right now.

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