How Chaume-ing

Posted on: May 28th, 2006 by

I have to admit to neglecting dessert wines in this blog and in my cellar. Today I picked up a couple of half bottles of 1998 Baumard Quarts de Chaume. Next to Riesling, there is no white grape more incredible than Chenin Blanc. From bone-crushingly dry to intensly sweet and concentrated wines, Chenin Blanc from the Loire rules.

Dessert wines are essential meal components because why should you stop drinking at dessert? One of the most memorable bottles I have ever drank was a 1998 Albert Mann Gewurztraminer SGN. Haunting! If you love wines with a looooooong finish, check out either of these wines.

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  1. Håvard says:

    Finally some dessert wine! Chenins like this from a good year will outlast your grandchildren. I have some Tokaji Aszu and Loire sweets in my cellar.

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