I Bought a Case of Wine

Posted on: August 29th, 2006 by

This was the second time in my life I bought a whole case of one wine. The first one was years ago in Chicago: a case of a 1985 Vouvray from the House of Glunz. Some of the bottles were dead, but the one’s that weren’t were spectacular. I paid like 10 bucks a bottle.

I finally found a red wine that will age, is elegant, complex, and cheap. (Besisdes the Saint Cosme CDR…I should have bought 12 instead of 6.) And it’s from Portugal!

2004 Vale Do Bomfim Douro Reserva

It’s blend of touriga franca (40 percent), tinta roriz (40 percent) and tinta barroca (20 percent). Most Portugese reds are, uh, rustic, to say the least.

This one we decanted and it blew me away. Great tannin and fruit that blows off and reveals a wine with nice Bordeaux-style notes to it. Will definitely improve in the bottle for years; I don’t think it would peak for 5 years. And it retails for like 13 bucks. A bargain!

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