I Can Go For That: Recommended Canned Wines

Posted on: February 4th, 2017 by
Hoxie Spritzer

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When it comes to wine, packaging is something I think about a lot. There has been a (relative) flurry of new wines in a can, with products ranging from fizzy to spritzy, plus whites, rosés, reds. I’ve even tried a saké-based (not wine) cooler.

So, are they any good? The answer is yes. Are there many bad ones? Oh yeah. But the same goes for wine in glass or box.

Canned Wine Tasting

Along with two of my Wine Enthusiast colleagues, I tried an assortment of wines in can. And we came up with nearly a dozen ones worth drinking. In hindsight, I wish we would have talked more about our preference of the can size. The four we encountered:

  • 175ml (little shy of 1/4 of a wine bottle)
  • 250ml (Red Bull can)
  • 355ml (soda can)
  • 500ml (2/3 of a wine bottle)

For the 175 and 250ml, I definitely liked drinking out of a can. Especially with a fizzy, lower alcohol spritzer type of wine.

For the 355 and (especially) the 500ml, I wouldn’t want to drink all of it straight from the can. Particularly a white and a rosé as they’d get warm before I could finish the whole thing. The solution:

Get a friend. Make a friend. Be a friend.

Split the wine between two tumblers. These sizes are perfect for sharing and traveling due to their portability and low weight. Easy to pack out, too. Just stomp on the empty can. Do not try that with a glass bottle. #protip

Left the corkscrew back at home? No problem.

See the full report:

11 Canned Wines For A Thirsty Crowd

Also, “I Can’t Go For That” is one of the greatest songs in the history of the world. The instrumental intro is legendary cool.

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  1. I knew we were brothers from another mother: “I can’t go for that, noohoo no, no can do….”

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