I Dare You to Saber Champagne With Your iPad

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Would you risk your iPad to saber Champagne? No, you don’t need an actual sword to remove the cork (and the top of the bottle). This short and sweet video, which I owe Maxine* of The Bookery Cook a debt of gratitude for sending my way, stars Benoit Tarlant of Champagne Tarlant. He shows us how it’s done, and his iPad is none the worse for wear.

Shamefully, I have never sabered a bottle of Champagne with a saber let alone an iPad. If you have the experience I lack in this department, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Hopefully no one lost an eye or a bottle of Champagne. (And if you’re trying to saber Champagne for the first time please be careful! There’s no harm in opening it in less dramatic fashion.)

*Maxine’s family also has a bit of a history of Champagne sabering, which she was kind enough to share with me:

Our parents actually taught us how to do it (not with an iPad). They have a funny ‘culture club’ group where they each pick a different cultural thing to explore every 4 months. Their friends chose Champagne and told everyone to bring a bottle of French Champagne over to learn how to sabrage. Originally they thought you could only do it with French Champagne, but we were very quick to prove that it can be done with a $10 bottle of Prosecco!

Now excuse me while I call my Mom to ask her why I never got to saber Champagne as a kid, or at least a teen.

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  1. Alina says:

    With my luck, I’d probably break my iPad. LOL

  2. Have sabered several bottles although I will say my wife is the best at it. It actually is quite simple. The main thing is have confidence and follow through just like with golf. We have never had a problem but it can go bad I hear. Make sure there is a clear shot for the cork, it has a collar of glass around it and can easily go 50 feet or so.

    I don’t think I would try it with an iPad, though.

  3. Great post and video. Yes, I’ve sabred champagne before. I have a video of it somewhere, though not on my site. You’d think as a wine writer I would. However, it’s highly frowned upon by sommeliers, and I don’t want to lose my pin. I was in a heated debate with another Somm over it, until he pointed out that “Frankly, the opportunity to lose any champagne in the process is sickening.”

    I couldn’t argue!

    I can link the video if you want.

    • Jameson says:


      I think the loss of Champagne is the key issue, too. But as someone who appreciates the flair of the dramatic, especially in wine, I can’t help but enjoy it. Wonder how much Champagne is lost when a bottle is sabered?

      Thanks for your comment.



  4. This was a quick video I did a few years back. I’ve been meaning to do an instructional.


    And yes, it’s a $9 bottle of Cava 🙂

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