I Have Feelings About Carmenère, Chile’s Signature Red Wine Grape

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What’s a wine turtle? Well, one approached me to share my feelings on Carmenère and I didn’t really think to ask any questions before saying “Yes.”

That’s how strongly I feel about sharing my wine knowledge; I leap at the opportunity to educate with no regard for what consequences may arise.

OK, I jest. Wine Turtle is a blog run by Tim Edison. He explains, “If you’re wondering where the name Wine Turtle came from, you’re probably not the first.” Make sure you check out the “About Us” section of the site to get the story.

Get to Know Chile’s Signature Red Wine Grape: Carmenère

So what did I have to say about Carmenere? Well I spoke of green bell peppers, coffee, and cocoa. And “Excursions” by A Tribe Called Quest.

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eastern box turtle

Eastern Box Turtle in Florida” by Stephen Friedt. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

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