I Wrote Down the Name of that Pouilly-Fume!!!

Posted on: July 9th, 2004 by

I was going through my pockets and forgot that we had the bartender give us pen and paper. Here it is:

2002 Cailbordin Pouilly-Fume “Les Cornets”

The previous one I had was the “Les Cris”.

It is amazing how two wines from the same grape, region, producer, can still be different just because they are from a different vineyard. The French Rule!

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  1. Håvard says:

    Ah, Les Cris! I had Les Cris 2004 with some seafood in November. Good stuff. You cab find some more info on Cailbourdin site. Google Cailbourdin and you’ll find it. I would like to try his Triptyque as well. A wine good for aging, I think.

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