Is There Terroir in Tea?

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tea and terroir

The notion of terroir, that a finished wine has a sense of place and qualities shaped by the environment surrounding the grapes, is well-documented. I’ve even heard it talked about regarding coffee. But tea? Why not? I, unfortunately, know just enough about tea to be dangerous. So one of the first things I did as Senior Editor at Wine Enthusiast was get in touch with Cynthia Gold. She’s a Tea Sommelier at Boston’s L’Espalier. Gold provided me with a most interesting education on three teas that express terroir. The landscapes and the stories are fascinating. Read all about it:

Tea and Terroir

Tea leaves image courtesy j_arlecchino via Flickr.

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  1. Chris James says:

    I think there are environmental conditions, soils and climate in which grapes grow well. The same goes for teas and fruits. Going to read the full article Tea and Terroir.

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