La Poussie Sancerre

Posted on: May 27th, 2005 by

This is why you spend over 20 bucks for a Sauvignon Blanc. This Sancerre comes from the vineyard La Poussie, which forms a natural amphitheater. Just peep the label for a photo. There is some oak aging (most definitely old, giant oak barrels which do not impart wood-plankiness to the wine) but incredible liveliness, depth, fruit, and great acidity. If you can still find the ’02s, snatch them up (like I did, heh heh). The ’03s are worth avoiding…way too hot in the Loire. This wine was a great match with pasta served with English peas, favas, mint, and some ricotta and lemon juice (served at room temp). Sancerres are incredibly elegant and unique. Yay France!!! (And thanks Jilli for the great meal!)

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  1. Andy Bromley says:

    am currently enjoying a 2005 la poussie. don’t tell anyone but Nicolas in Brompton road London (nr Harrods) have them at just £15.95 which for the most delicious & exciting Sancerre I have ever tasted is really quite a bargain. i’m so jealous you’ve been there. next time you go pls invite me to come along!

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