My Thanksgiving Dinner Wine Will be Cheap and Cheerful

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Thanksgiving dinnner wine

While I wouldn’t blame you for finding this vintage postcard distressing, your selection of a Thanksgiving dinner wine should not put you under duress. Keep it cheap and cheerful. Sealed with a  screwcap? Even better. No fumbling for a corkscrew or someone who knows how to use it.

 Thanksgiving dinnner wineWith that in mind, this year I’m bringing the 2011 Domaine de Pellehaut Rosé. It’s from Gascony in Southwestern France and is a blend of Tannat, Syrah, and Merlot. Tannat is a grape I am familiar with for making hard-as-nails red wines that will bring you to your knees. For an example, get a hold of a bottle from the Madiran region, which neighbors Gascony. Tannat is also quite popular in Uruguay. (But you knew that.)

The Domaine de Pellehaut has an interesting flair to it. Sure it’s dry and refreshing, and has some nice fruity notes to it. But it also has a savory element (I’m guessing from the Tannat?) that is very intriguing. You can enjoy it with abandon in between bites of turkey and stuffing, or proceed to employ it to ease the awkward pain of family gatherings. (The latter is not my experience.) But, if you have a quiet moment or two, the Domaine de Pellehaut is a rosé worth contemplating. And that’s a lot to offer, especially from one humble bottle of wine.

Two years ago it was a 1L of Zweigelt from Austria with a deep fried turkey. Happy Thanksdrinking! And special thanks to my family in Tacoma, who welcome my penchant for unique, off-beat wines. It’s a drink first, ask questions later type of attitude that opens up a whole new thirsty world of holiday wine enjoyment.

Thanksgiving dinnner wine

Bizarre vintage Thanksgiving postcard courtesy riptheskull.


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  1. Good attitude and interesting choices! Some years I’ve gone for more variety but think I’m going with some good old American Pinot Noir!

  2. gabe says:

    I’ll be pouring a all rose’ at my place this thanksgiving as well. Refreshing enough to be a good food pairing, loose enough to allow for creativity, and cheap enough to get enough for everybody!

    You’re the first blog I’ve read that is also going for the rose’ thanksgiving. cheers to that! i’ve seen the pellahaut at my local wine shop…after reading this, i’ll be sure to pick some up

    • Jameson says:


      Excellent. Great minds think alike, no? Let me know what you think of the Pellehaut and have a great Thanksgiving.


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