My Profile of Odd Fox Coffee for Fresh Cup Magazine

Posted on: February 22nd, 2019 by

Ever stop in a neighborhood spot and be totally charmed, then pitch an article about that place to a publication? And the editor says, “YES, WE WILL PUBLISH THAT.” (Ok, the reply was not all-caps.) I was delighted to write a profile of Odd Fox Coffee, located right in my Greenpoint neighborhood, for Fresh Cup Magazine. It’s in the February issue.

A view into Odd Fox Coffee, which is located in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood.

But you can read it on the internet, right now. Which would delight me. Here is a link:

Café Crossroads: Odd Fox Coffee

Ok, one of the coolest things about this spot and owner Adam Saucy is his love of Legos. There’s a diorama of the shop in Lego form where he re-enacts events of the day and posts them on his @legocoffeeshop Instagram account. (It’s a must-follow.) Here’s an example:

I’ll also mention Odd Fox has a very chill and large backyard. And a seating policy that doesn’t let one person at a two-seater table sit in one chair and put all their crap in the other. You may actually (gasp!) have to sit across from a…stranger! Though you are under no obligation to speak.

I do still miss Analog and Porchlight in Seattle. But I’ve settled into Greenpoint nicely over the last two-plus years. Getting to know the people behind a few of the places I dig helps make a deeper connection. And it’s amazing what you find out about a person when you simply ask them questions. There were definitely stories about Odd Fox and Adam that were surprising to discover. If you visit me in GP we’ll go there for sure, ok?

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