One More Thing About the Clos du Papillon…

Posted on: June 1st, 2006 by

It is drinking BEAUTIFULLY after being open for a day. They corked it at the restaurant and put it in a plastic grocery bag and I walked it home. Took it out of the fridge and uncorked it. Waited a half hour for it to warm up a bit. Don’t drink great whites straight out of the fridge! Too much chill will mute everything.

Chenin Blanc. Savennieres. I cannot think of any dry white wines that are better. The richness of this unoaked wine is phenomenal.

I love the English blurb on the back of the label:

A unique wine, bone-dry, full-bodied, assertive and lingering on the palate. Not aged in oak, which does not suit this wine. Its richness, complexity, and ageability places it among the world’s finest and most distinctive wines.

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