One of the Finest Red Wines Ever

Posted on: April 11th, 2005 by

2002 Ogier La Rosine

This is a 100% Syrah from a small vineyard between Cote Rotie and Condreiu. It, as the link says is a Cote Rotie in all but name; it is classified as a VDP. This wine is so elegant, with incredible earthy tones that keep on evolving. One sip will give you elegant red fruit and earthiness on the finish; a few minutes later, the opposite or a little of both.

Truly one of the most pleasurable red wines I have ever drank. It’s in my top ten. And this was a shit year in the Northern Rhone; if you can find an ’01, buy it. But the greatness of the 2002 just shows that great producers with great vineyards will make great wine even in shit years.

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