Pizzeria Gabbiano: Seattle’s Homage to Roman-Style Pizza

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Who doesn’t love pizza? Seriously, who? But let me not say this in a roundabout way: there’s more than one style AND shape when it comes one of the penultimate exports from Italy. That’s why I am so excited about the latest entry into the abundant world of Seattle pizza: Pizzeria Gabbiano.

Your amazing powers of perception may have first noted this pizza is not round. For some, an insurmountable offense to their strongly-held yet misguided sensibilities. Thankfully, I know Mike Easton, owner of Pizzeria Gabbiano. He’s sets the record–and the slices–straight when it comes to Roman-style pizza. You may remember Mike from such memorable podcast episodes as Il Corvo Pasta: Sipping Vermouth, Smacking Vegetables. So I had him back for a second tour of duty on the show.

Rest assured, the same wonders that are worked with handmade pasta at Il Corvo are being employed over at Pizzeria Gabbiano. As well as a similar ethos of rotating, seasonally inspired ingredients complimenting (but never overwhelming) the most wonderful of dough-based platforms.

Pistachio pesto going on the mortadella. #pizza

Johannes Heitzeberg, who Mike Easton calls “The Man” at Pizzeria Gabbiano. “It’s his show,” Easton explains. Here’s Heitzeberg adding pistachio pesto to a mortadella-topped pizza.

Topics discussed in this episode, recorded in the lobby of the building AND inside the pizzeria as well:

  • Why you’ll never see a pepperoni pizza at Gabbiano, nor one with black olives and button mushrooms.
  • Being in Rome and doing nothing but eating pizza (3-4 times per day), drinking, and walking around.
  • Best toppings in Rome? 1) Salt cod and potato, 2) purple cabbage and pancetta, 3) olive oil, prosciutto and edible flowers.
  • The crust: airy, light, bubbly dough. It’s been a six-month project that began with a humble sourdough starter. And requires carbon steel pans to (twice) bake it.
  • What it’s like to podcast while sitting in Barcelona chairs. (Spoiler alert: Posh.)

Enjoy the show!

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