Practice WMO: Washington Merlot Optimization

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google analyticsAs a blogger, the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) lords over my world. Write a post title and a few keyword mentions that will get the attention of the Google. And, hey, it makes sense. Don’t you want to write about things that people are actually searching for? (If you want to get geeky about SEO and/or understand the interwebs more, check out Moz CEO Rand Fishkin’s SEO For Food Bloggers.)

But instead of worrying about SEO I have created my own ethos, which I call WMO. Naturally, it stands for Washington Merlot Optimization. And no one optimizes this grape better than Hedges Family Estate. In particular I’d like to highlight a bottle the winery sent me to sample: the 2011 Independent Producers Merlot. First off, how can you not like a wine that comes from the Bacchus Vineyard? It is destiny.

washington merlot

This is not the Bacchus Vineyard, but extended contemplation of this image will optimize your Washington Merlot experience.

I also appreciate that this Washington Merlot clocks in at a modest 13% alcohol. I’m not a slave to percentages, but I do prefer red wine on the lower side of the boozy scale. I also enjoy red wines that have what I like to refer as, if I may get technical on you for a second, “non-fruity flavors“. You know, a little on the savory side. Like olives, earthy stuff, etc. Something that makes a wine taste unique and distinct in a pleasure-driven style. (Not funky for the sake of funkiness.)

Not only is the Independent Producers Merlot optimized in the flavor department, it also embodies WMO in the price department. A quick spin on Wine Searcher shows an average price of $14. Ask for it at your local wine shop or wherever you care to spend your discretionary income. Buy a case. Win friends. Influence people. Break free of the shackles of SEO and embrace WMO!

WMO: Optimize Your Life

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