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Living that lavender lovin’ life. That’s what drinking Provence rosé should be all about. A chilled glass transports you to a specific time and place. It’s the “Calgon, Take Me Away” of wine.

Wow, the beginning of this commercial is very intense. And, conversely, the calming properties of a bath with Calgon are prodigious. Also, “Calgon” sounds more like a sci-fi alien overlord or planet than a scented bubble bath product.

On the latest episode of the What We’re Tasting podcast, I speak with Roger Voss about Provence rosé. While there’s a lot of boring plonk out there, we focus on three wines that make the case for a diverse region full of different blends, terrains, and styles.

Burning questions about Provence rosé: Can it age? Aspire to heights of great red wine? What about using oak? Best food pairings? Is it seasonal? What’s up with the crazy bottle shapes?

Also discussed: yachts, shopping cart snooping, and scary mountains.

Please enjoy:

And now, here it is. Your moment of Provence:

Drinking a good Provence rosé transports you to the region.

Photo by leniners via Flickr.

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