Red Tail Ridge Pinot Noir: A First Taste of Finger Lakes Wine

Posted on: June 8th, 2012 by

Finger Lakes Pinot Noir Red Tail Ridge
Being all the way on the left coast, we really don’t get a sniff of Finger Lakes wine. I was therefore excited to receive samples from Red Tail Ridge. Their Pinot Noir was light, low in alcohol, and pleasant slightly chilled. I could sure appreciate it as a summer sipper.

What I’m even more excited about is to try their wines made from the Blaufränkisch and Dornfelder grapes. I’m familiar with Blaufränkisch, produced here in Washington where the grape is known as Lemberger, and I’ve had the pleasure of drinking a delightful Dornfelder from Germany. I hope to find the same level of enjoyment in these two wines.

And thanks to a tweet from Oak Ridge Winery, I was pointed to a study finding that red wines from the Finger Lakes have higher levels of resveratrol (a compound that has been found to reduce the chance of cancer/heart disease) than other regions around the globe. So yeah, I’ll be exploring the wines of this region even more!

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