Restaurants, Wine, and the Solo Diner: A Talk with Julien Perry

Posted on: December 17th, 2014 by
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Chef Eric Donnelly and Julien Perry. Photo by Baydra Rutledge

How important is wine to you when it comes to evaluating a restaurant? I chat with Julien Perry on my Wine Without Worry podcast about this subject. She has an astonishing depth and breadth of Seattle restaurant knowledge from writing about them for, to name a few, Seattle Magazine, Eater Seattle, and Seattle Weekly.

What’s great about Julien (well, many things, too numerous to mention here) is that she’s an enthusiastic wine drinker but not a know-it-all when it comes to the subject. It’s refreshing to hear what she expects (and loathes) when it comes to selecting a wine by the glass at a restaurant, rather than from some cork dork pining for a skin-contact Trousseau Gris.

Julien is also the Co-Conspirator of the One Night Only Project, which puts a chef and a drinks expert (like me, ahem) together for a stupendous night of eating and drinking that will never be repeated. Ever. Having worked an ONO dinner and attended one I can vouch for its amazingness.

We also talk about why we love eating at the bar. And not just when we’re alone but also when with a guest. And, hey, why aren’t all single Seattle people having dinner at the bar? Maybe they’re at home watching Pawn Stars and drinking rosé while their Tombstone pizza bakes in the oven. Oh wait, that’s me. And that sounds like an amazing time. But not better than gabbing and drinking wine with Julien. (DUH!)

Finally, my wine pick of the week.  I hop back on the Malbec from Argentina train after after a prolonged break. Check out the Alamos Selección Malbec 2012. It is a rich and pleasurable red that will cure acute Malbec fatigue.

Here’s the show:

For more thoughts on wine and restaurants, check out my conversation with Hanna Raskin, Food Writer and Critic for the Charleston (SC) Post.

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  1. Interesting. I’ve been wondering how many people choose a restaurant based on the wine list at least in part.
    And yes – I like eating at the bar too. Have a fab festive season.

  2. Another stellar episode, Jameson!

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